Design Your Post Divorce Life

Divorce puts a spanner in the works to our life plans. A key step to reclaiming your life is to create a destination.

This program is about sharing with you the steps to create, achieve and smash your goals. There is a technique for getting this right, especially after divorce. This is an inspiring course designed to help you set goals that are aligned with your needs and values and throws out conformity with societal stereotypes. Putting a clear focus on you and your post-divorce life.

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Benefit 1

You will have a clear set of goals that match your values, and the key to knowing how to prioritise them. 

Benefit 2

This fully guided program will show you how to design your lifestyle, including download templates, videos and much more.

Benefit 3

You will have a clear picture of what you want your future lifestyle to be. There will be no more guessing if you are making the right choices for you, and your family.

Why Enrol Today

Here directly from Dominique the benefits of getting started today.


Want to know more?

Planning your life is about far more than putting a list of wishes on a piece of paper. After 20 years of experience, Dominique has shown thousands how to design their ideal lifestyle, and more importantly actually make it happen. She has the technique to getting this process right.

This is an inspiring program designed to help you set goals that are aligned with your needs and values, and throws out conformity with societal stereotypes. Putting a focus on giving you the most important tools so you have a clear path to follow. This is an investment into your future lifestyle.

Getting your goals right is the first foundational step towards living a successful lifestyle and ensuring you have the money to fund it.

During this course we will cover:

-Defining your current goals
-Exploring your values
-Let’s have some fun with big questions
-Building your legacy (work, family, your life)
-The rules to goals that are better than just SMART
-Your Final Step to Your Lifestyle Vision Board
-How to break the big goals down to achievable bite sized pieces.

Today is the day to start designing your future!

A goal is just a wish without a plan to achieve it. If you are ready to plan your lifestyle, create big picture goals to work towards and want to know the micro goals and steps you can start taking today, then don't delay any further.

Dominique Bergel-Grant

I am a strong believer that sitting still is choosing to fail and that being successful in LIFE is about getting the balance right.

LIFE after all would be boring if all we ever did was make LIFE decisions based on financial outcomes alone.

It has been an amazing LIFE journey to this point and it comes down to taking the time to plan, understand what the legacy is that I want to leave and then prioritise what I do each day to make sure I am still driving towards the destination that I have designed.

For me, it has been about creating a lifestyle that allows me to work from anywhere in the world, while still having an impact on helping women around the world reach their full potential. Through understanding their worth, and not just in financial terms. Today is your day, and I look forward to supporting you to design your lifestyle.


Claim your future now!

This is the solution you have been looking for. No more years of New Years Resolutions never achieved, get the guidance and support you need to make a real change in your future.

Why This Goals Program?

Here directly from Dominique her three reasons why this program is different.


No more excuses

Your ideal lifestyle is out there, it is time to make your claim.


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