In The Media

Dominique Bergel-Grant is called on by media on a regular basis as well as presents as a keynote speaker. She is a trusted source of truth and a respected commentator on issues such as:

- Women and Money

- Relationships and Money

- Small Business and Rejuvenating Your Business Mojo

- Tall Poppy Syndrome 

- Regaining control after divorce and separation

Money Magazine

The team at Money Magazine are always looking to provide amazing content for their readers. It is always a pleasure to help out with articles and have the opportunity to write. Here are just the online articles, there are many more printed in the magazine.

ABC Radio 702

Over the years I have had the opportunity to go into ABC Radio Sydney 702 studios which is broadcast around the country. This is an opportunity not only to share my knowledge, but also a chance to take questions directly from people just like you. Click below to listen to the podcasts.

Smart Property Investor Magazine

Property investment is at the core of how many people leap ahead financially. With Smart Property Investor Magazine many of the readers are focused on buying property through their retirement savings.

The Investment Series Channel Nine

In these episodes I guide one of my clients through the investment choices she faces. We sit down talk through her current investment needs, and then meet with investment managers to see if they are suitable.

Episode 1 - Follow real life investor Jo’s journey towards giving her kids choices in education and setting up a family holiday home, along with balancing a brand new business. Supported by her financial planner, Jo learns the steps to thinking like an investor should and elite money managers from around the globe share their stories. She also discovers her own investment philosophy through a game developed by leading data scientists. With her investment philosophy mapped out, Jo looks at the philosophies behind a range of investment types, including fixed income investments, global equities and commercial property investments.

Episode 2 - Investor Jo continues her journey towards her wealth goals and takes a front row seat as elite money managers from around the globe pitch their investment philosophies. Jo watches the Guardians, three heavyweights of the investment industry, grill the fund managers with important questions to help her make the right decisions for her future. Accompanied by her financial adviser, Jo gains an understanding of how different investment philosophies work in practice, including a disciplined approach with fixed income and investment bonds, a contrarian way of investing in global equities and a focus on commercial property investments.




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