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Co-Parenting With the Authors of Child-Centred Co-Parenting - Podcast 006

podcast Mar 22, 2019


Dominique in this podcast, interviews guests Tracey Duff and Daniella Rigon, Authors of Child-Centred Co-Parenting. Tracey and her ex, Dave separated when their son was just 8 months old. Tracey had to learn to not only co-parent with her ex, but his new partner Daniella.  Daniella and Tracey share openly and honestly how they did this, the pitfalls along the way, and how today they are not just co-parents they are friends. 


2:30 Tracey's introduction and the initial decision to co-parent.

3:10 How it is possible to co-parent successfully even after a volatile relationship.

5:20 Daniella's introduction, background as a teacher and her first reactions to dealing with a new partner who had an ex and a child.

10:02 The need to work through jealousy and comparison and tips on how to do this.

12:16 Tracey's decision to forgive her ex.

13:15 Need to change expectations of the ex from being an ex-spouse to the new role as just a parent of your child. 

15:00 Recognise how we contributed to the negative patterns in our past relationship, and work on ourselves.

15:44 The co-parenting decision, and key aspects like inclusion in the broader family and a focus that both parents are equally important.

17:30 How in the initial stages of separation Tracey and Dave dealt with practicalities and compromised with their son at the centre.

19:30 Even at 19 their son still does 50/50.

20:30 The importance of creating a safety net for all children.

21:30 How did Daniella cope with coming into the relationship not just with her new boyfriend at the time, but suddenly having to deal with the ex (Tracey) and a world where decisions revolved around a child that wasn't hers.

25:00 Daniella on getting over jealousy and the feeling that your partner has done it all before.

27:12 How the initial meetings between Daniella and Tracey went. 

30:30 Managing the feeling of boundaries being overstepped.

31:50 Ensuring kids know a decision to separate is not about them and avoiding putting children at the centre of conflict and being mindful of the language you use when talking about your ex.

36:14 Daniella shares from her perspective as a teacher, what she witnesses as the impact on children of divorce and what she wishes parents did better.

40:50 About the process of writing the book Child-Centred Co-Parenting together and what practical tips they share in the book.


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