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Going solo to have a child after separation - Guest Kylie Enkelmann Fertility Coach & Energy Healer – Podcast 005

podcast Mar 08, 2019

In this episode Dominique interviews Fertility Coach and Energy Healer Kylie Enkelmann, she shares her own experience of not only her divorce but her decision to have a child after separation. It is time to throw out the socially perfect timeline of man then baby.


3.20 Past relationship, working and living together as husband and wife

8.30 Passing of Mother-In-Law and the search to spirituality and learning to be vulnerable and process grief. 

10.30 Understanding the grief process

13.50 Separation triggers

19.30 The holding pattern women can find themselves in, almost being forced to stay in a bad relationship because the biological clock is ticking. 

23:30 The reality of fertility and the decision to go it alone.

26:00 Words of advice to other women who have made the decision to have a child solo.

28:00 Dealing with social criticism. 

33:00 Donor choices and advice.

38:00 Having a child doesn't stop the future opportunity of meeting the right man.

40:00 Having a child won't fix a relationship

41:00 How energy healing can help women overcome relationship grief

46:00 How to get in contact with Kylie



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