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It is Time To Put Yourself First - Podcast 002

podcast Feb 13, 2019

Guest Kylie Travers Shares Her Story from Homeless Single Mum to Award Winning CEO 



Kylie Travers shares her story with the host of Thrive After Divorce, Dominique Bergel-Grant, on how she went from homeless single mum to award swimming CEO, author, speaker and ambassador. Being recognised as a 2015 Young Australian of the Year Finalist.


"When you live your life on everyone else's terms you aren't living your life" - Kylie Travers


Kylie shares with us how she has learnt that putting yourself first is not something to feel guilty about, it is not selfish. It makes her the best Mum, business owner and person she can be.

Join us in the this conversation, from moments that want to make you cry, to the ones that just make you happy. Along with some amazing practical tips Kylie has implemented in her day to day life to make her current reality possible.

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Kylie has also shared with us the link to her guide to 20 ways to build confidence. Access it here.


Check out Episode 3 now, where I share with you what to do in the first weeks following separation. Even if you are past this point, it will be a great listen to as you get to tick off your actions and recognise how far you have come.  







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