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The Wake Up Call Every Business Owner Needs

Mar 16, 2018

Every day I meet small business owners who have lost their mojo and the reason why they started a business in the first place. The passion has faded, into nothing. I look around their retail store or perhaps it is their website and wonder do they even care anymore?

Far too often they resent their business. They started with plans for that perfect work-life balance. Only to have been sucked into the small business vortex where you could work 24/7 and never get everything done as the pressure of weight on their shoulders almost becomes unbearable.

So how did the dream become a nightmare?

There is one common theme amongst all the business owners in this situation that I meet. They have always worked on business planning first, and never put their personal lives and lifestyle as the priority. The way small business owners for decades have been told to succeed is to spend countless hours building an impressive business plan, implementing and then measuring.

What they didn't realise is that they were setting their lifestyles up for failure and eventually leading them to be demotivated about their own business. Everything needs to be flipped on its head.

Your LIFE and the LIFE of those you love is always more important than your business. So why do we prioritise business in small business? When in reality we are the business it is our LIFE that the business should be built around.

So it is time to refocus. What are your LIFE goals, what would make you happy what is your definition of success? Perhaps it is having your home paid off, perhaps it is a family holiday every two years, or sending your children to private school. Whatever it is you need to understand what the LIFE you want will cost and then create the business to achieve your personal goals.

Create a genuine alignment between business success and achieving personal goals.


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