poppyACCELERATOR is our flagship three-month online program that is resource-packed and will guide you through all aspects of navigating your divorce and the tools to start your next chapter. 

Why poppyACCELERATOR is the Right Choice for You

We specialise in helping women in Australia and New Zealand navigate divorce. Dominique and Sophie are both qualified financial advisers and divorce coaches who have dedicated their careers to helping women navigate the complexities of divorce. They understand firsthand the overwhelming emotions of separation and divorce, as they have personally experienced it.

Their ultimate goal is to assist women, just like you, in rebuilding their lives and moving forward with confidence, ensuring that divorce does not define them or their children.

To achieve this objective, they have developed poppyACCELERATOR, a comprehensive online course that is complemented by weekly live sessions. This program is specifically designed to guide you through your divorce journey.

poppyACCELERATOR empowers women to successfully navigate divorce and build a future where they and their children can thrive, free from the constraints of their past. This is the unwavering commitment of poppyACCELERATOR.

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What is Included

Over the next three months, you will be taken step by step through all aspects of navigating your divorce.

Weekly Group Divorce Coaching

In these group divorce coaching and question and answer sessions, you will have the chance to have your questions answered and bring up challenges you may be facing. We will also use this time to expand further on the course content. You also will have access to our experts via email to ask your questions. 



Co-Parenting Strategies

Provide you strategies for successful child-centred co-parenting, even in a high-conflict divorce. This includes communication tools, techniques for better communication, developing a parenting plan, and giving you key questions to answer to help you focus on what matters most. We will also examine how child support works in Australia and New Zealand. 

Financial Settlement

We will give you the steps (including templates and checklists) to create your DIVORCE VAULT. Ensure you know what documents to gather, how to interpret those documents, develop an understanding of what key questions you need to be answered, and help you prepare for your financial settlement negotiation.

Emotional Rollercoster

Divorce is tough, but you are not alone. We will take you step by step through the separation process and the emotions you can expect as you navigate your divorce. Our practical tools and methods will assist you at each stage, ensuring you regulate your emotions and take enough time to make confident, fact-based decisions without being influenced by emotions.

Your Children

We will guide you through essential steps to minimize the impact of divorce on your children. This includes having age-appropriate conversations about divorce, preparing them for the concept of two homes, fostering open communication, implementing strategies to shield them from conflict, and helping them focus on the positive aspects of divorce rather than dwelling on loss.

The Process

Navigating the unknown can be overwhelming, but we are here to guide you. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of various divorce options, such as amicable, mediated, and court proceedings. How to pick the right legal representative and build a reliable divorce team. We will also help unravel the complexities of the divorce process including, financial agreements, custody, and divorce applications.

Your Home

Together, we will delve into crucial considerations such as whether to keep the family home, finding the perfect location for you, and making the decision to rent or buy. Our course will provide expert guidance in creating a thorough household budget and assist you in planning for your long-term housing needs as your children grow up and eventually move out.

The New You

In the midst of divorce, it's common to feel lost and experience significant personal losses. We will provide you with essential strategies to rediscover what truly matters to you, empowering you to reclaim your identity and rebuild a life and lifestyle that will nurture both you and your children.

Long Term Financial Security

Both of our experts have over 20 years of experience as Financial Planners. Through our program, they will provide you with essential insights and strategies to help you start planning for your financial future today. Together, we will explore a wide range of financial topics, empowering you to take bold steps towards financial freedom and security with confidence.

Charity and Reach Out Program

Domestic violence rates across Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand are terrifying. Each month there will be a charity or outreach program that Tall Poppy Woman actively supports by donating 5% of proceeds.

"Divorce, coupled with the emotional turmoil it brings, can feel overwhelming and surreal. As a divorce coach and financial planner, Sophie and I understand the complexities involved in navigating this challenging journey.

We have personally experienced the pain and upheaval of divorce, which has fueled our passion for helping women like you.

With our extensive expertise in divorce coaching and financial planning, we are equipped to provide you with a clear roadmap.

Our goal is to guide you through your divorce with clarity and confidence. By working together, we will ensure that you are ready to rebuild your life on a solid foundation and embrace the next chapter that awaits you."

- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Founder, Divorce Coach & Financial Adviser

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I am ready to Accelerate!

By becoming a poppyACCELERATOR, you will be helped every step of the way. With weekly support and a comprehensive online program, you will be on the fast track to not just survive your divorce but to also thrive!

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We always strive to deliver award-winning divorce coaching and financial advice.

Dominique is considered by media and press as an expert in advice to women going through separation and divorce.

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Divorce will not define me!

I am ready to commit to taking control of my life and learning the tools to not just survive my divorce but to thrive.

Pay upfront and save 28%


Why weekly payments for membership?

We understand that investing in personal development can be a significant financial commitment, especially during separation and divorce. That's why all of our Tall Poppy Woman programs, including poppyACCELERATOR, offer weekly payment options. This approach was informed by feedback from our existing members, who appreciated having the cost of programs broken down into manageable payments. Additionally, weekly payments provide you with an opportunity to experience the program before making a more substantial financial commitment.

If you would prefer to pay upfront we also provide that option. 

How quickly do I get access to content?

You can gain immediate access to the complete content of poppyACCELERATOR within a span of 3 months. Once this initial period is completed, you'll have continued access to the course content for an additional 24 months. This extended availability ensures that you have ample time to revisit and engage with the material at your own pace, allowing for ongoing support and growth on your journey.

What if I want to continue group coaching after the initial three-month period?

If you find value in the weekly live group coaching sessions of poppyACCELERATOR and wish to continue participating after the initial 3-month period, you have the opportunity to do so. Many members choose to extend their membership beyond the initial three months due to the ongoing benefits they receive. As you approach the end of your initial membership, we will provide you with the option to continue for a reduced weekly fee, allowing you to further benefit from the group divorce coaching and continue your divorce path.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We understand that circumstances can change, and you may need to cancel your poppyACCELERATOR membership at any time. Our priority is always to provide you with value, and we will respect your decision to cancel. Please note that if you cancel before completing the initial three-month membership, access to course content will be removed. Nonetheless, we remain committed to supporting you on your divorce path, and we hope to continue to be a valuable resource for you in the future.

I want individual support instead of group coaching.

Through poppy MOMENTUM and poppyINNERCIRCLE, Dominique and Sophie work one-on-one with women, providing support and guidance through solicitors' meetings, financial planning, and emotional support. Click below for more information.

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