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Dominique Bergel-Grant is a multi-award winning Financial Planner, Lifestyle Designer and proud Tall Poppy Woman. Dominique is called on by media as an authority in helping women defining their value, and smash the Tall Poppy Syndrome. 

She has been on television series including being the winner of the 2014 Sky Business Business Transformation Show, and an as an expert guiding her female client on Channel Nine's Investment Series. Within the industry, Dominique has won multiple awards both as a Financial Planner and Mortgage Broker.

Her goal today is on spreading the word about how to smash the Tall Poppy Syndrome, and showing women how to build and value their worth, and not just in financial terms. She focuses on helping women build the right mindset to ensure they are in a position to strive for success and own the word ambition.

Dominique also focuses on helping women going through separation and divorce to reclaim who they are and redesign their post-divorce life.

As a professional speaker since 2004 Dominique has presented to audiences around Australia, New Zealand, United States and the United Kingdom.

Look no further if you are want a speaker to inspire women and provide them with tangible actions. Dominique will show them what steps they can take immediately and helps to create a lasting impact. After-all Dominique's personal legacy is to enable women to understand their worth, by showing them the tools to getting their money, mindset and lifestyle balance right.

Speaking Topics Include:

How To Become A Tall Poppy Woman

Women, Mindset & Money

Steps You Need To Take To Own The Word Ambition

Define Your Worth (not just money)

Rebuilding After Divorce and Separation

Understanding Financial Personalities

Redesign Your Lifestyle

How to Lead a Transformation Business

Align Your Business & Personal Goals


Should you be looking for a specific topic, please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call the office on +61 2 9966 0505.


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