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Thrive After Divorce By Tall Poppy Woman: Helping women redesign their life after separation and divorce

Thrive After Divorce By Tall Poppy Woman: Helping women redesign their life after separation and divorce

Hosted by: Dominique Bergel-Grant

Dominique Bergel-Grant founder of Tall Poppy Woman lifts the covers on the real stories from women of what it takes to reclaim yourself and rebuild your life after separation and divorce. Learn directly from other...


Child-Centred Co-Parenting with Guests Tracy Duff and Daniella Rigon - 006

Season #1 Episode #6

Dominique in this podcast, interviews guests Tracey Duff and Daniella Rigon, Authors of Child-Centred Co-Parenting. Tracey and her ex, Dave separated when their son was just 8 months old. Tracey had to learn to not...
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Going solo to have a child after separation - Guest Kylie Enkelmann Fertility Coach & Energy Healer – 005

Season #1 Episode #5

In this episode Dominique interviews Fertility Coach and Energy Healer Kylie Enkelmann, she shares her own experience of not only her divorce but her decision to have a child after separation. It is time to throw out...
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Season #1 Episode #4

This episode Dominique talks to ex-police officer Pip Rae who from her own experiences has gone on to study domestic abuse in detail. From male primacy, to how the breakdown in communication and boundaries creates the...
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Surviving the first weeks after separation – 003

Episode #3

In this episode Dominique shares with you over two decades of experience and focuses on the key steps you need to take in the weeks following your separation. The path to divorce is never easy, but practical how to...
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It is Time To Put Yourself First - 002

Episode #2

Kylie Travers shares her story with the host of Thrive After Divorce, Dominique Bergel-Grant, on how she went from homeless single mum to award swimming CEO, author, speaker, and ambassador. Being recognised as a 2015...
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Welcome to Thrive After Divorce. My Story - 001

Welcome to the Thrive After Divorce Podcast. In this episode, your host and founder of Tall Poppy Woman, Dominique Bergel-Grant, shares her why. Hear the story of her Mother's separation and divorce that went on for...
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