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Together helping women going through separation and divorce to stand tall and thrive!

There are now 2,300 women in the Facebook Group

Why become and poppyANGEL?

The Tall Poppy Woman Facebook group is at over 2,300 women. Together this community is thriving, however to take it to the next level we need your help.

Community Manager

The small contribution you spend on becoming a poppyANGEL will help to fund a Community Manager. To help members not only better engage online, but will help to organise events and meetups.

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Charity & Outreach Programs

Domestic violence rates across Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand are terrifying. Each month there will be a charity or outreach program that Tall Poppy Woman actively supports. 

This months charity

Monthly Workshop

Join Dominique as she hosts the monthly Divorce Workshop. Helping you get one step to get you closer to the other side of divorce.

Session recordings are available.

So make a decision today to support and thrive!

Just by being part of the Tall Poppy Woman Facebook Community you are already taking steps to claim your future. By becoming a poppyANGEL you are paving the path for women who follow you, while also gaining valuable knowledge to help you succeed.


"I teach women how to reclaim themselves, and redesign their life after separation and divorce. Through showing them how to navigate the initial grief, anger and overwhelm, to a place where they have confidence in their future. I give women the knowledge and tools so they can thrive in their post-divorce life."

- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Tall Poppy Woman, Founder, Divorce Coach & Financial Adviser


Read Dominique's Full Story

Building an award winning program and service is never easy. But Dominique has done this being recognised not only by her peers, but media.

Want more support?

Did you know that there is a complete 12 step Blueprint to help you Thrive After Divorce?

Want to know more about the monthly Divorce Workshop?

The divorce workshop is designed to get action happening. Have your pen and paper ready so real breakthroughs can begin.

Key facts about the Divorce Workshop:

  • 30-60 minute session
  • Focused on one key action area
  • Run by Dominique and other divorce experts
  • Sessions are recorded and available for 30 days after the live session
  • You will have the chance to ask your questions during the session
  • Support is available throughout the month to help you complete the actions outlined in the bootcamp

Example topics:

  • The four buckets principle to money
  • Dealing with your ex-, creating open lines of communication
  • The right questions to ask your divorce lawyer
  • Steps to test if your emotions are impacting your decisions
  • Dealing with the emotional pain and the questions of 'why me?'
  • Co-parenting and money how to get on the same page

These are just a sample of a few of the upcoming topics. We are also open to suggestions from members so please get in contact with your suggestions. 

No more excuses

Are you ready to support women who will follow in your footsteps and learn to reclaim your future through the monthly workshops? Yes!

Dominique is considered by media and press as an expert in advice to women going through separation and divorce.

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Why weekly payments for membership?

All of the membership programs including poppyANGEL have weekly payments. This has been decided based on feedback from our existing members to help the cost of programs be broken down.

How quickly do I get access to content?

With poppyANGEL you get access to the monthly Divorce Bootcamp and are helping to support the Tall Poppy Women community of women going through divorce to thrive. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can stop your membership to poppyANGEL at any time. This means that we remain focused on delivering you value and showing you how we are continuing to support the community!!!

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