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Tall Poppy Woman is focused on helping you understand your value, and we don't just mean in dollar terms.

Our range of online courses, programs and masterclasses will help you define your ideal lifestyle, claim your value and grow your wealth.

It is time to take charge and own the word ambition.

How To Create, Achieve and Smash Your Goals

Tired of not kicking your goals, or even setting the right goals to being with. This two week program will take you through all of Dominique's tips and tricks to help you define goals that you will be able to smash. 

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Redefine You After Divorce, Today Is Yours

Relationship breakdowns are never easy, even if it was your decision, Dominique knows this, she has been in your position. So if you have recently gone through a relationship breakdown, or perhaps are still wandering a little lost without purpose a few years on this is the program for you.

I Am Ready To Reclaim ME

Understand Your Financial Personality

We all grow up with habits about money either inherited or learnt. It is time to understand the different types of financial personality, how it impacts your day to day habits and relationships.

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Financial Success In Your 30's and 40's - eBook & Course

Uncover some of the best-kept secrets to securing your finances over the next 10 years. From ways to bullet proof your future, to the tough choices you will have to make about property and other key investments. Uncovering these secrets will unlock for you your ability to take control of your finances and be in the driver's seat so you can head towards the lifestyle you deserve.

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Want One to One Time With Dominique?

With our 60 minute consultations available with Dominique Bergel-Grant you have access to one of Australia's leading lifestyle, money and mindset experts. 

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