How we can help you navigate your divorce

No one ever plans for divorce, but that doesn't mean you cannot be prepared as you navigate your separation and plan for your new post-divorce life.

Dominique and Sophie each have over 20 years of experience advising women navigating divorce. The one thing they know is that every divorce is different, as is the level of support required.

This is why Tall Poppy Woman offers a range of solutions.

So no matter your divorce path we can provide you with the support you need to not just survive your divorce, but also thrive in your post-divorce life.

Your next chapter is yet to be written. 

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Media and press turn to us when they need an expert on separation coaching and financial advice for women.

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What Level of Support Do You Need?

We offer ongoing group coaching and one-to-one divorce coaching with our experts. If you are looking for one-off divorce coaching or financial advice please go to the next section.




Become a poppyANGEL by becoming a member supporting the Tall Poppy Woman Community of over 2,300 women going through separation and divorce.

Your ongoing support helps to provide the services to run the Facebook Community, fund our Community Manager and continue our podcast.

To say thank you for your support you will gain access to:

1. Exclusive monthly Divorce Bootcamp session. Bring your pen and paper ready to focus on one positive change (sessions are recorded so you can access at any time)

2. Exclusive highly secure community just for poppy members and take part in challenges, access to the ever-growing divorce resource library and much more.





By becoming a poppyACCELERATOR you will get access to our step-by-step online program and live weekly group divorce coaching sessions with our experts. These coaching sessions are designed
to give you the opportunity to ask your questions and help you stay accountable.

All the benefits of poppyANGEL plus:

3. Weekly live group divorce coaching sessions with our experts.

4. Step-by-step online program to guide you through your divorce and help you focus forward on building your next chapter.

5. Access to all masterclasses to kick start your future on different topics including navigating the financial settlement, co-parenting, case studies, dealing with grief, how to hit the reset button and more.

6. Access to the Success Tool Kit for managing your money.





By becoming a poppyINSIDER you will benefit from one-to-one support, divorce coaching and financial advice tailored to your circumstances. Your expert will become your partner guiding you as you navigate your divorce and ensuring you are taking the right steps to start your next chapter. 

You will have clarity and certainty that only personalised and tailored advice can provide.  

All the benefits of poppyACCELERATOR plus:

7. Monthly individual divorce coaching and financial planning strategy sessions.

8. Personal mentoring and accountability.

9. Your expert will help you prepare for mediation and solicitor meetings. Including helping you make key financial and lifestyle decisions.

10. You will have a partner who has done this process before and has the divorce process know-how and financial expertise to help you navigate your divorce and build a plan for your next chapter.

"The complex nature of navigating divorce while dealing with relationship grief can be stressful, it can all just seem like a bad dream.
Sophie and I are able to provide women with the roadmap they need. We have stood in their shoes and have years of divorce coaching and financial planning expertise. This enables us to guide our clients through what is hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime experience with clarity and confidence.
So that they are ready to rebuild their life with strong foundations and move onto their next chapter. "
- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Tall Poppy Woman, Founder, Divorce Coach & Financial Planner

Do You Need Extra Support

Depending on where you are in your divorce journey you might not be ready to sign up for one of our longer-term programs, or simply have a burning question you need to be answered NOW!

The Divorce Checkup

If your divorce is amicable or the financial agreement is known, this is a great way to get quick
answers to lifestyle and financial questions. Through this check-up we will help you:

1. Articulate your lifestyle and financial goals.

2. Assess how achievable these goals are, using our unique analysis tools.

3. Prioritise your goals and focus on the right questions to be asking your solicitor. 

4. Go through our divorce strategy checklist.

5. The expert will provide clear action steps for you to take after the meeting that will help you navigate the divorce maze will confidence.


One Meeting $395

The War Room

This is your secret arsenal, as we prepare you for your mediation and financial negotiations. We
will help you to be clear on what assets you want to keep, how much you need and what the
impact will be of these decisions on your future. In the War Room we will help you:

 1. Build base financial projections showing you how much you need to secure your future.

2. Assess the impact of different assets being kept or sold.

3. Prioritise your goals, and assist you in understanding the impact of different financial settlement scenarios.

4. Focus on fact-based analysis so you can be clear on what your emotional walkaway number is. 

Two Meetings $440 Each

Divorce Strategy Session

This is your opportunity to tap into the depth of knowledge our experts have. Allowing them to help you as you untangle your marriage across a wide range of topics including:

1. Assisting you to manage conflict.

2. Setting boundaries.

3. Supporting your children through divorce and co-parenting.

4. Helping you become better at communicating with your ex.

5. Creating a clear picture of what you want your future life to look like. After all, a roadmap to nowhere is still going to leave you lost. 

6. Understanding the legal process, how to select the right lawyer and ways to save money on legal fees. 


One Meeting $450


Building an award winning service is never easy. But Dominique has done this being recognised not only by her peers, but media.



How quickly do I get access to online content?

With poppyACCELERATOR and poppyINSIDER you get access to a range of full-cost online programs worth over $2,000 plus weekly live coaching. The full content is released over a period of 6 months. However many members will continue to be part of the programs beyond this as they still benefit from the weekly live coaching along with the workshops, masterclasses and Q&A sessions. That not only helps you recover from your divorce but give you strategies to reach your potential in your post-divorce life.

How do I find out what poppyINSIDER will cost me?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to divorce. This is why the poppyINSIDER program fees are tailored to each individual. Prior to starting the program, you will have a phone call with one of our experts who will be able to provide you with a personalised quote based on the level of support, divorce coaching and financial advice you need. 

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can stop your membership to poppyANGEL, poppyACCELERATOR and poppyINSIDER at any time. This means that we remain focused on delivering you value!!!

Can I check the calendar for availability for one-to-one sessions?

You can access the Tall Poppy Booking calendar here. 

When are the live office hours, workshops and other events?

You can access the full listing of all upcoming events in our calendar, access now.


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