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Success Tool Kit For Your Money

Uncover some of the best-kept secrets to securing your finances over the next 10 years. From ways to bulletproof your future, to the tough choices you will have to make about property and other key investments. Uncovering these secrets will unlock for you your ability to take control of your finances and be in the driver's seat so you can head towards the lifestyle you deserve.

Understand your money story

We all have a money story that starts with what we inherit from our parents and develops as we move through life. What perhaps we gave up control of while we were married and what we now need to reclaim.

Those that influence you

It is often said that the five closest people you surround yourself with influence your success with money. This module will guide you through understanding who influences your financial decisions and how to build boundaries. 

How to create an emergency fund

You’ll learn the importance of creating an emergency fund and why you need to have one before you do anything else with your money. We’ll also walk through where to put your fund, what it should include, and how to build it.

Building your new household spending plan

Don’t let budget be a bad word! In this module, we explain what a budget can do for you and how to think about it in a positive way (instead of something that makes you feel restricted or deprived). We’ll also look at the cost of not having a budget and help you understand why most budgets fail, before moving on to the fun stuff: walking you through how to create your own spending plan that works.

Creating Your Banking System

Next, we’ll work to build on the previous module by diving deeper into your spending plan and how to set it up in the real world. We’ll share what makes a spending plan easier to achieve, how you can set up your bank accounts for success, and what needs to be included in your banking system structure. We’ll also address common questions around setting up a spending plan and maintaining it — and your accounts — over time.


Tracking Your Progress

Once you have the foundational pieces in place, you’re going to have control over your money — and you’ll also start seeing serious progress toward improvements in your financial situation. We’ll explain how to track that progress and talk about why you should.

Let's talk investments

Making the decision to take control of your investments and understanding the possibilities is vital to maximising the money that you already have and building wealth for the future. In this module, we will explore the different types of investments available from property to shares and everything in between. 

Getting Extra Accountability and Support

This module is all about helping you not only reach your goals but completely smashing them! It includes 3 strategies for ensuring you maintain control of your financial life, start feeling confident about your money and actually enjoy sticking to your spending plan and saving more money from here on out.

Children and Money

If there is one thing Dominique has learnt from providing financial advice to women going through separation and divorce is the importance of managing children's expectations around money and teaching them good financial habits by creating an example. In this module, Dominique will explore with you some of the common mistakes, how to ensure you and your ex are on the same page and ways you can lead by example.

Success Tool Kit For Your Money

Dominique has over two decades helping women rebuild their finances, in some cases from nothing, after divorce. The Success Tool Kit For Your Money breaks down this knowledge so after divorce you have a system to start to create a financial safety net and confidence around your financial decisions. 


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