Financial Advice and Divorce Coaching

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Financial Advice and Divorce Coaching

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Divorce Will Not Define You

Separation and divorce can be overwhelming and feel all-consuming. And, to be honest, that is normal. You are about to go through something you have never dealt with before. This uncertainty can fill you with fear about your future.

One thing Dominique and Sophie know is that there is always a path through and with the right knowledge, support, and advice it is possible to navigate the divorce maze and thrive after divorce.

The good news is that you have just found the place where you can get all that and more.

We will help you navigate the separation and divorce process and build the foundations so that you can move into your next life chapter with clarity and confidence.

How can we help you?

This will depend on where you are on your divorce path and how acrimonious your separation is. A great place to start is listening to our Thrive After Divorce podcasts and joining over 2,300 other women in the Facebook community. 

Our range of support packages offers access to online programs, masterclasses and online group divorce coaching that will guide you and help keep you on track.

When you are ready Dominique and Sophie will be there to provide you with individual divorce coaching and financial advice to help you make the right decisions today, so you can be confident in a secure future. One where you can thrive after divorce!


Dominique and Sophie share their divorce stories, along with those of other Tall Poppy Women, and interview a range of divorce experts covering a range of topics.

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Facebook Community

One of the founding reasons behind Tall Poppy Woman was to bring women going through divorce together in a safe space so that they do not need to feel alone. Join the free Facebook Community today with over 2,300 members.

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Masterclasses & Courses 

Whether you are at the start of your divorce journey or starting your next chapter with divorce behind you, we have a range of focused masterclasses and courses you can complete to ensure you thrive after divorce.

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Divorce Coaching and Financial Advice

Every divorce is different and having an expert by your side, especially in volatile and acrimonious separations, will provide you with clarity, perspective, and the right advice.

When you are ready for your next chapter, post-divorce, we can also help you create a plan for a secure future.

Coaching Options

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Top 12 Strategies for Surviving Divorce Grief & Overwhelm

The first weeks and months after separation can seem like a whirlwind. This guide has been carefully put together to provide you with strategies for overcoming grief and overwhelm. 


Your First 5 Steps to Securing Your Post-Divorce Life 

This guide focuses on the practical steps you need to take in the months following separation and divorce to protect your privacy, secure your financial future, formulate a new spending budget, and how to bulletproof your financial future. 


Discover Your Financial Personality 


Money is in the top three reasons relationships end in divorce. A key component is conflicting financial personalities. To avoid making the same mistakes again take our free online program to help you discover more about your financial personality and how this impacts your money mindset.


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Why Tall Poppy Woman?

Going through separation left me (Dominique) completely overwhelmed. Despite my years of experience as a Financial Planner, my goals, my hopes, and my dreams of what my future life was going to look like the day I got married were now ashes. I left the marriage with $20,000 in the bank and felt stuck in my employment.

My divorce made me feel like I was just a shadow of my former self, I had been completely cut down. I realised I needed to take action to stand tall, be responsible for my actions, and see that my future was in my hands. 

Today I have built a life that is financially secure. However, even more, important is that I am confident in my own skin, and know my future path. I am WORTH IT!! I do stand tall, and I am proud to call myself a Tall Poppy Woman!

Tall Poppy Woman started with my dream to create a revolution where women navigating the divorce process would become part of a community. Where the focus is on providing a place to belong, where it is safe to be open, and along the way receive the guidance and knowledge needed. With one goal. Helping women rebuild their post-divorce life from a place of strength.

The Facebook community was just the start.

Today, with fellow Financial Planner and Divorce Coach, Sophie Atkinson we now have created a podcast, online courses, divorce boot camps, group coaching, masterclasses, and other programs. 

We also provide tailored one-to-one financial advice and divorce coaching. So whether it is just a one-off session to guide you in the right direction, or you want personal support as you navigate your divorce and create a financial plan for your future. We can help guide you through every step of your divorce path, ensuring you are ready for your next chapter.

- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Founder, Financial Adviser & Divorce Coach


"After 2 years of finding valuable support in this group, I am through the hardest stage for me - financial separation has been achieved.

Pure relief and celebrating moving on."


"Wonderful group is showing me I am not the only one going thru this and wonderful advice to help move forward"


"I think it’s just what women in our situation need, one another’s backs almost. Sharing and good sound advice together and no judgment."

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You Are Not Alone

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