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Hi, I'm Dominique.

I teach women how to reclaim themselves, and redesign their life after separation and divorce. Through showing them how to navigate the initial grief, anger and overwhelm, to a place where they have confidence in their future. I give women the knowledge and tools so they can thrive in their post-divorce life.

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The Top 12 Strategies to Surviving Divorce Grief and Overwhelm

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The First 5 Steps To Secure Your Post-Divorce Financial Security

Understand the first steps you need to take to secure your financial future.

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Expert Advice

Tall Poppy Woman, Dominique Bergel-Grant is regularly called on by media for her knowledge and expertise in assisting women through divorce, broader money matters, and showing women how to have the right mindset to redesign their post divorce life. To access past media articles click here.

Dominique is also an engaging and informative key note speaker, to find out more click here.


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