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Tall Poppy Woman is focused on enabling women to move forward with confidence who are going through separation, divorce, or have simply reached a point where they need to redesign their LIFE.

Our values are focused on:
- Helping share success stories
- Women owning the word ambition
- Giving women the tools to build their ideal lifestyle
- Showing women their worth (and not just in financial terms)

Whether you are ready for a reset, want a quick boost, or in need of inspiration to give you a kickstart to redesign your ideal LIFE then you have found the right place.

Tall Poppy Woman is lead by multi-award-winning financial planner and lifestyle expert Dominique Bergel-Grant. She specialises in helping women design their ideal lifestyle with a particular focus on helping women going through separation and divorce.

So join the FREE Tall Poppy Woman Group or explore further into our online programs, workshops and masterclasses.

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Dominique Bergel-Grant

A proud Tall Poppy Women, entrepreneur, lifestyle designer and award winning financial planner Dominique has over 18 years of expertise and knowledge ready to share with you. Dominique is also regularly called on by media as an expert in her field. Get ready to learn from an inspiring, respected and award winning expert.

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Programs, Workshops & Masterclasses

Are you ready to take the next step and redesign your lifestyle? Dominique and her team have created fun, engaging and expert programs and courses to help you become a Tall Poppy Woman.

These are just a few of our current programs:

- Creating goals you will stick to

- Redesigning your LIFE after separation or divorce

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Free Resources

We have a fantastic range of free resources, including blogs, ebooks, videos and much much more. 

Dominique is also excited to be working on a new podcast, so stay tuned.

This is where you will also find stories of women who are on their journey to success to keep you inspired to achieve your own success. 

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Expert Advice

Tall Poppy Woman, Dominique Bergel-Grant is regularly called on media for her expert advice in the areas of women's leadership, money matters and showing women how to have the right mindset to achieve success. To access past media articles click here.

Dominique is also an engaging and informative key note speaker, to find out more click here.

So whether you are a women going through divorce or separation, single or in a long term relationship 

Become a Tall Poppy Woman

Join the exclusive Facebook Group just for women going through separation and divorce.

It is an amazing place to share experiences, learn together and keep a positive focus in what can be a difficult and challenging time.

So what will you find in the group:

- Live weekly Q&As 

- Learning modules

- Book club

- Meetup Events

- Exclusive guides and checklists

- Other women's personal stories and an opportunity to share yours

- Exclusive offers and much much more


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