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Co-Parenting With the Authors of Child-Centred Co-Parenting - Podcast 006

podcast Mar 22, 2019


Dominique in this podcast, interviews guests Tracey Duff and Daniella Rigon, Authors of Child-Centred Co-Parenting. Tracey and her ex, Dave separated when their son was just 8 months old. Tracey had to learn to not only co-parent with her ex, but his new partner Daniella.  Daniella and Tracey share openly and honestly how they did this, the pitfalls along the way, and how today they are not just co-parents they are friends. 


2:30 Tracey's introduction and the initial decision to co-parent.

3:10 How it is possible to co-parent successfully even after a volatile relationship.

5:20 Daniella's introduction, background as a teacher and her first reactions to dealing with a new partner who had an ex and a child.

10:02 The need to work through jealousy and comparison and tips on how to do this.

12:16 Tracey's decision to forgive her ex.

13:15 Need to change expectations of the ex from being an ex-spouse to the new role as just a parent of your...

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Going solo to have a child after separation - Guest Kylie Enkelmann Fertility Coach & Energy Healer – Podcast 005

podcast Mar 08, 2019

In this episode Dominique interviews Fertility Coach and Energy Healer Kylie Enkelmann, she shares her own experience of not only her divorce but her decision to have a child after separation. It is time to throw out the socially perfect timeline of man then baby.


3.20 Past relationship, working and living together as husband and wife

8.30 Passing of Mother-In-Law and the search to spirituality and learning to be vulnerable and process grief. 

10.30 Understanding the grief process

13.50 Separation triggers

19.30 The holding pattern women can find themselves in, almost being forced to stay in a bad relationship because the biological clock is ticking. 

23:30 The reality of fertility and the decision to go it alone.

26:00 Words of advice to other women who have made the decision to have a child solo.

28:00 Dealing with social criticism. 

33:00 Donor choices and advice.

38:00 Having a child doesn't stop the future opportunity of meeting the right man.


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Understanding Domestic Abuse, What You Need to Know - Podcast 004

podcast Feb 22, 2019



This episode Dominique talks to ex-police officer Pip Rae who from her own experiences has gone on to study domestic abuse in detail. From male primacy, to how the breakdown in communication and boundaries creates the breeding ground for domestic abuse to start sometimes in very subtle ways that you almost wouldn't notice until it grows, and fear prevails.



Hour to Empower with Pip Rae on 2SSR 99.7FM Sydney



Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Information Kit

Download this episode






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How to Survive the First Weeks After Separation - Podcast 003

podcast Feb 13, 2019



Download - Practical Guide to Week One After Separation

In this episode, Dominique shares with you over two decades of experience and focuses on the key steps you need to take in the weeks...

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It is Time To Put Yourself First - Podcast 002

podcast Feb 13, 2019

Guest Kylie Travers Shares Her Story from Homeless Single Mum to Award Winning CEO 



Kylie Travers shares her story with the host of Thrive After Divorce, Dominique Bergel-Grant, on how she went from homeless single mum to award swimming CEO, author, speaker and ambassador. Being recognised as a 2015 Young Australian of the Year Finalist.


"When you live your life on everyone else's terms you aren't living your life" - Kylie Travers


Kylie shares with us how she has learnt that putting yourself first is not something to feel guilty about, it is not selfish. It makes her the best Mum, business owner and person she can be.

Join us in the this conversation, from moments that want to make you cry, to the ones that just make you happy. Along with some amazing practical tips Kylie has implemented in her day to day life to make her current reality possible.

Want to know more about Kylie jump over to

Join the Tall Poppy Woman...

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Welcome to Thrive After Divorce Podcast - Podcast 001

podcast Feb 13, 2019


Welcome to the Thrive After Divorce Podcast. In this episode, your host and founder of Tall Poppy Woman, Dominique Bergel-Grant, shares her why. Hear the story of her Mother's separation and divorce that went on for almost two decades in the Family Law Courts. The heartbreaks, the lessons and why Dominique is determined that every woman who suffers separation and divorce knows that she does not stand alone. That she is worth the future she desires and can stand tall. Together we are stronger. So join the Tall Poppy Woman revolution today.

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Check out Episode 2 now, where I interview the amazing Kylie Travers who went from being a single homeless mum to international award-winning CEO. She takes on on her journey, the good, the bad and the surprising. 


Check out Episode 3 now,...

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Declutter your personal life

In life, we often get so caught up in today and forget about where we want to be in our future. It is also easy to end up doing things that force us to spend time in places that we don't want to be, with people we perhaps don't even really like.

It is important to make time to take simple steps to declutter our lives and there is no better time to do this than at the start of the year.

Decluttering your life is about giving yourself permission to focus on the things that matter to you the most.


Press Pause

The first step is to put time into your diary every week that is time just for you.  This is your opportunity to spend time to reset, put the week that has been into context and press pause even if you only have 10 minutes to spare. This time should be used to do something that replenishes and nurtures you. Whether it be meditating, taking a blanket down to the park and reading a book or simply going for a walk.


Set Your Intention

Whether on a daily, weekly or...

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Creating Your Legacy

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2018

In life, we often get so caught up in what's happened today that we often forget about where we want to be in our future. We also end up finding ourselves doing things that force us to spend time in places that we don't want to be, with people we perhaps don't even really like. It is important that you take time, to stop and realise this.

Advantages of Creating Your Legacy

One of the best ways that you can do that is to actually spend time and define what your legacy is. Once you have your legacy defined you'll be in the position to really have the confidence to be able to say, “no that's not important to me”, “no I don't want to be there”, and guess what? It's okay for you to actually focus on the things that matter to you. Your job is to build your legacy not to fulfil other pieces of the puzzle in other people's. So how do you go about building your legacy? It's not a simple thing to do and it's certainly not a one-time exercise and there is no one size...

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The Search For Answers - The First Stage of Relationship Grief Explained

divorce grief separation Dec 07, 2018

In a relationship breakdown, both parties suffer stages of grief. Regardless if you are the one that decides to leave or is the one who is left feeling abandoned. It is first important to acknowledge that stages of grief will happen at different times for each person, unfortunately in many cases causing further tension and conflict.


For the one that makes the decision to end the relationship, it is common for one or more stages to happen before the separation, as they come to terms with the reality of their decision. It is also very common that these stages of grief do not follow a set order and can seemingly happen in unison, rather in a stage of one at a time. Resulting in higher levels of stress, anxiety, and emotions. It is also important to acknowledge that there is no set timeframe, however, studies show that it takes on average 17 months to grieve the end of a relationship. Remember however this is the average, and it is not a race to the finish line.

The Search for...

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The Relationship Breakdown Roles

divorce grief roles separation Nov 21, 2018

 The Initial Roles

When it comes to grieving a relationship. It is first to understand your initial role.

There is always someone who leaves and always someone who tends to feel more abandoned and potentially feels left behind.

When it comes to the stages of grieving, it is really, important to understand that both parties do go through these stages. However, typically at very different times and in different emotional bands.

The other thing to understand as I walk you through these stages of grief is that there is no set order. We all experience grief differently and in our own time and in fact often not stage by stage, but by groups of stages all at once, that causes our emotional pendulum to go on a wild ride. However, the end goal is that you reach a point of acceptance. From here you will be able to move forward and that's the ideal place to get to.

Tall Poppy Woman is about providing emotional support during this grieving stage so that you can manage it with the right...

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