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Going through divorce can bring out the worst of our financial habits. Understanding your core financial personality is about helping you get back on financial track and identifying the aspects of your money habits you need to work on. 

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"TIme, and time again I meet with women who have been through separation and divorce and the reality that one in three relationships end because of money inevitably comes up.

Knowing what your financial habits are is critical to not only your own financial success, but being able to successfully navigate a new relationship.

There is no such thing as a bad financial personality type. It is about understanding what your financial drivers are, and how to identify financial triggers so that you can take charge of your money matters with confidence."

- Dominique Bergel-Grant

Divorce Coach and Financial Planner

Founder of Tall Poppy Woman


Today is the day to start new habits

We all have good and bad financial habits. The key is to identify what we do well and create steps to make sure we create new habits that will create success.

Benefit 1

Understand what drives your financial decisions and what the six different personality types are.

Benefit 2

Learn your financial triggers, and how to identify the habits you need to work on. This will help you better manage your money today and be more confident with money matters in future relationships. 

Benefit 3

You will have the opportunity to complete a detailed assessment that will allow Dominique and her team to provide you a tailored financial personality report.

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Here directly from Dominique the benefits of getting started today.


Want to know more?

Our past experiences, our financial position and people that influence our decision all impact how we behave about our money. Divorce can often skew our views of money.

Understanding your financial personality will give you the tools to tweak your financial habits for the better. Putting you back in control and helping you rewrite your financial story.

Understanding your financial personality is the key ingredient to your financial and lifestyle success.  

During this course you will:

- understand the background behind financial personalities;

- discover the six personality types;

- discover your own personality with your personal assessment; and

- understand your next steps now you have the knowledge.

Today is the day to start new habits

We all have good and bad financial habits. The key is to identify what we do well and create steps to make sure we create new habits that will create success.

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