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The Search For Answers - The First Stage of Relationship Grief Explained

divorce grief separation Dec 07, 2018

In a relationship breakdown, both parties suffer stages of grief. Regardless if you are the one that decides to leave or is the one who is left feeling abandoned. It is first important to acknowledge that stages of grief will happen at different times for each person, unfortunately in many cases causing further tension and conflict.


For the one that makes the decision to end the relationship, it is common for one or more stages to happen before the separation, as they come to terms with the reality of their decision. It is also very common that these stages of grief do not follow a set order and can seemingly happen in unison, rather in a stage of one at a time. Resulting in higher levels of stress, anxiety, and emotions. It is also important to acknowledge that there is no set timeframe, however, studies show that it takes on average 17 months to grieve the end of a relationship. Remember however this is the average, and it is not a race to the finish line.

The Search for...

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The Relationship Breakdown Roles

divorce grief roles separation Nov 21, 2018

 The Initial Roles

When it comes to grieving a relationship. It is first to understand your initial role.

There is always someone who leaves and always someone who tends to feel more abandoned and potentially feels left behind.

When it comes to the stages of grieving, it is really, important to understand that both parties do go through these stages. However, typically at very different times and in different emotional bands.

The other thing to understand as I walk you through these stages of grief is that there is no set order. We all experience grief differently and in our own time and in fact often not stage by stage, but by groups of stages all at once, that causes our emotional pendulum to go on a wild ride. However, the end goal is that you reach a point of acceptance. From here you will be able to move forward and that's the ideal place to get to.

Tall Poppy Woman is about providing emotional support during this grieving stage so that you can manage it with the right...

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