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Divorce and The Sexist Aftermath - Part 3 Allowing Time For You

divorce sexism time Jun 07, 2018

The Sexism by Family and Friends After Separation


Have you ever found yourself being questioned by family about your personal choices after separation or divorce? Criticised for not making the ‘right’ choices or being called selfish?


For anyone who has gone through a separation you very quickly are forced to face the reality of increased expenses, tough decisions needing to be made quickly around where you will live, and feeling pulled in every direction to the point you no longer have time for you.


To top this all off we seem to face a barrage of sexism from family and sometimes even friends around the choices we have made.

Creating Time For You

Part of this equation is solved by choosing the right location to live in, talked about above. However, it is also vital that you create time in every day just for you. If you are living in a state of anxiety or stress we know from scientific research that your IQ will fall within just 10 minutes impacting...

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